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Mobile apps are becoming more and more popular. With the increased usage, it is understandable that there is a growing need for mobile app development solutions. Many programmers are trying their hands at creating mobile apps. What programming language should you use? Are Swift or Objective-C the best? There are many programming languages suitable for mobile app development. This blog post gives a detailed explanation of what programming language to use for mobile app development company in India.

What programming language is best for mobile app development?

The most popular programming languages for creating mobile apps are Objective-C, Swift, Kotlin, Android, and Swift. Objective-C is the most popular and popular language for creating mobile apps for iPhone and Mac OS devices. It is also used for creating apps for Windows, Linux, and other devices. Swift is a modern, high-performance language created by Apple Inc. It is a safe, modern language that is built for app development on all platforms. Kotlin is a modern language created by JetBrains that is gaining popularity, especially in Android app development. Kotlin is a great language for both backend and frontend development.

Which programming language is used for native app development?

Now a day’s all mainstream programming languages are also used for creating native apps, e.g. Kotlin, Java, Swift, C, C++, etc. With the increase in the demand for native app development, all these programming languages are now available for native app development. Native apps are developed using the programming language used by the operating system of the mobile phone. These native apps are more responsive, efficient, and easier to maintain. Native apps are also recommended for building user interfaces, which are understood by the users.

Why use Kotlin for mobile app development?

Kotlin is a new programming language that was built as an implementation of the Java programming language. It was developed by JetBrains, a software development company from Estonia. Kotlin is not a new language, but its popularity is rising day by day. It is a fast language that is completely interoperable with Java. It also has a syntax that is similar to Java. It has many modern features, such as modern data types, inference, null safety, etc. Writing code in Kotlin feels very natural, and it also has an excellent Android extension library.

Differences between apps and software platforms

A mobile app is built using a specific programming language and serves as an interface between the user and the system, while a software platform is like a scaffold that can be used to build applications. The app is used to make a specific transaction, while the platform is used to build several apps. The software platforms are more general in nature, while the mobile apps are specific to a particular transaction.

PHP as a backend language in mobile app development

The most common programming language for creating mobile apps is Objective-C or Swift. PHP is a popular programming language for creating content delivery networks (CDNs), e-commerce websites, and online businesses. It is a server-side scripting language that is used as a backend language in mobile app development.


Mobile app development requires a particular set of skills and knowledge. Therefore, it is recommended to use Kotlin as a programming language for mobile app development. Kotlin is a compiled language that is interoperable with Java. It has many modern features, and it is interoperable with Swift and Java. Kotlin is a safe and modern language, and it is also easier to learn than Java. Moreover, Kotlin’s modern syntax makes it a suitable language for creating mobile apps. For better app performance, you should use Kotlin. You can also use Kotlin for coding your backend APIs in Kotlin. In short, Kotlin is a great language for creating mobile apps.

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